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Thermal Plastics


Impact strength is perhaps the most important of the many features of Polycarbonate Flat Sheets. It is 250 times stronger than glass, and 30 times stronger than acrylic. Whether it is used as window glazing or in signs, rocks, bottles, hailstones will bounce off it. It is virtually unbreakable.

Design versatility allows Polycarbonate Flat Sheets to be used in many ways. It can be vacuum formed and painted into high strength outdoor illumination signs. It can be cold bent on site for curved architectural glazing.


PETG, a cost-effective solution for fabricating, forming and decorating. PETG sheet offers a lower sheet price than polycarbonate, higher impact strength than acrylic and better transparency than PVC. The impact strength of PETG also means less breakage during production and transport, which means higher production rates and lower cost.

We use PETG to help aid in creating displays, safety screens, face shields as well as dispensing and recreational machines.


PVC Interlit films can be printed and embossed and are available in a glossy clear finish.

We use PVC interlit film to also help in aiding to create displays, safety screens, face shields and dispensing and recreational machines.